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A Common Place for Horse Barn/Farm People Community

Where horse barn members connect!

A Common Place for Horse Barn/Farm People
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Welcome to horse_barns!!

This is a community for ANYONE and EVERYONE belonging to a horse barn/farm/equestrian centre, whatever else! It a place where people with their love of horses can come and talk about their barns and show it off through pictures, tell stories, give advice, share ideas, and basically just share and receive information about each others' barns. Feel free ask questions. As well all know, the horse hobby is always a learning process!


1) Be fair and kind when offering advice or giving suggestions.

2) PLEASE post pictures under a lj-cut! It saves time for all of us!

3) We LOVE to see pictures! (Horses, stalls, doors, tack rooms, grain rooms, people...etc)

4) Any harassing or insulting of another member will result in a warning, followed by removal from the community if warned a second time.

5) YOU DON'T HAVE TO APPROVED TO JOIN! Click the "join" button to join now!

More rules will follow as the community progresses!