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Barn Setups [Apr. 16th, 2006|03:20 pm]
A Common Place for Horse Barn/Farm People


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Okay, I'll start of with this question for people:

What system do you use/have at your barn for feedings and do you believe it is a good system or not?

At my barn: The grain aisle is in the middle of two long parallel rows (so the floor plan looks like a tall "H"). The grains are in separate trash containers that have hinged tops and supplements on one side and the dengi/pig feed on the other side. There are buckets for each horse requiring grain that are stacked (empty) on metal carts, one for one aisle and one of the other. Each grain bucket has a name on it for the horse. There is a spreadsheet that has the horses name and what grain they get morning and afternoon feedings with one aisle on one side of the sheet and the other aisle on the other. We go down the list and fill the buckets in order so that when it is time to feed, the feeder only needs to roll the cart down the aisle. Once done with the grain/supplements, oil and vineagar is added to the feed either after dumped into the feed tubs in the stalls or when adding the grain and then the buckets are stacked on one another in a few piles.

One problem we have found is that when adding the oil/vineagar before putting the feed in the tubs, the grain sticks to the buckets as well as some oil. This causes the attractiong of flies (which leads to covering the grain buckets with sheets to lower the fly numbers. Do you have any experiences with this or have found a way to make it effective for feeding, but not with the flies around?